- And Creative Planner, 35, single, born in Goiania.
- Director of Projects and Creation of DoisMais - Strategy and Branding.
- Position of strategic planning in professional communication and Creative Director.
- Effective project management role in brand management and digital projects.
- Experience over 8 year career.
- Strong inlfuência creative, I like the digital revolution and team leadership.
- Knowledge of advanced technologies, user experience and Web 2.0 concepts.
- Skill and knowledge of platforms google: Analytics, AdWords and AdSense.
- Great knowledge of strategies and planning in social networking presence online.
- Worked in advertising, brand positioning and activations.
- Easy to build reports, metrics analysis and good ease in presentation.
- Fond of advertising, marketing, branding, new technologies and trends.

Your Business

- Creative Director
- Digital Planning
- Branding
- Marketing
- Branded content
- Advergames

Main Projects

- Banana Boat Solidarity
- Repositioning of brand Adtur
- Repositioning of brand Urgent Notice
- Project #MeuCerrado (Advergame)
- Campaign Launch Savannah Valley Crematorium
- Brand Positioning Accurate Fire
- Brand Positioning Sonotto
- Project Export Descola Brazil (PotyBrasil)
- Brand Brazil positivation Telecom (Palmas-TO) +55 62 8104 9188 @rodolphosantos